The Proverbs 31 Woman Prayer Challenge: 2020

Hi there!

In the month of June, I was privileged to host a 13-day virtual prayer challenge. Over five hundred women from different locations worldwide set aside 13 minutes daily for purposeful, focused prayers. As we gathered together to pray, God honoured us with his presence! The testimonies were undeniable and profound!! It was a phenomenal experience for all of us…

The love and fellowship we shared in our closed group was as described in the early church, for lack of a better analogy. Though separated by distance, our hearts were closely knitted together in the place of prayer. We were sisters, encouraging and supporting each other. It was an encounter we did not want to end…

I am sharing an ebook that was birthed out of the prayer challenge. This ebook is a labour of love…

It was borne out of a sheer passion to help as many women as desire to be “Proverbs 31” women in our generation; women who are intentional about living their lives in a way that glorifies God; women who want to live impactfully; women whose homes are the Lord’s sanctuary and whose families are the gold-standard of Christian conduct… The list is endless.

With the permission of my sisters, I have compiled this ebook because I know it would be a blessing to you – yes, you!!

This ebook contains prayer topics, inspiring bible verses, selected heartfelt prayers (to spur you on) and a few tips to help you in your journey to unending intimacy with God through prayers.

I pray you are tremendously blessed through this…

With love, 
Pearl Akazue

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  1. God bless you so much ma’am Miss you and my little bro Paul Greetings to everyone ma’am ❣️❣️


  2. God bless you for putting this together. I must say it’s a great resource. May God nurture more proverb 31 women through it.


  3. Thanks, Mrs Akazue.
    Your efforts are highly commendable. God bless you and those you engaged in the prayers.
    Perhaps if many others do the same and as sincerely — going on our knees as men, children, etc. God will answer our prayers for a better world that is in serious and urgent need of spiritual healing.
    Remain blessed.



  1. The “Proverbs 31” Woman – Pearl's Odyssey

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