Christian Beliefs

As far back as I can remember, I have always been a PK (Pastor’s/Preacher’s Kid). That meant that I grew up in a home where the bible was an open book, prayers were a compulsory ritual and we (my siblings and I) were taught right from wrong. Humanly speaking, I tried my best to do the things I thought were right, but deep down, I knew I needed God. I had a void in my heart – I call it a “God-sized void” because only God could fill it.

Being a PK did not guarantee my salvation automatically; like everyone else, I had to seek God actively.

Child - Faith

On a beautiful Sunday evening in February 2004, God won my heart. It was during an evangelistic service; I recall that day so vividly – almost like it was yesterday. My Dad, who happened to be the Preacher that evening, spoke about the difference between a transformation and a reformation. He made me understand how one could consciously try to reform oneself; for example, a decision to reduce the number of lies you tell in a day from ten to four, or something like that. Then referring to 2nd Corinthians 5:17, he explained what a transformation meant: a new life and a fresh start.

Oh, how much I desired this!

I cannot precisely recall the rest of the message, but this nailed it for me. After the service, I fell on my knees and cried out to the lover of my soul. I told God I wanted a transformation. I wanted joy and peace in my heart, and I asked Him to help me surrender my heart to Him. I cannot describe the joy and peace I felt after saying these prayers – it is too fantastic to explain.

I knew in the depths of my heart that I was saved.

Later that evening, God sanctified me and filled me with the Holy Spirit. I did not only feel like a new person, but I also spoke in a new tongue as evidence (See Acts 2:4).

In the following days, everyone around me knew that there was a radical change in my life. Before this encounter, one thing which I struggled with was my temper – you definitely would not like to get close to me when I was angry – but salvation changed everything.

It was a total package!


It has been several years now; the road has not been easy admittedly – but it has been worthwhile. Through the ups and downs, I have had a sweet assurance that my dear friend and Saviour, Jesus Christ was (is) with me and I would not trade this for anything in the world. My walk with God so far has been a pleasurable journey (one which is continuing, I must say).

I hope to share my experiences on this journey subsequently here.

When God says He loved us long before we ever loved Him (See 1st John 4:19), I am living proof. Through all my pre-salvation years, I know God lovingly watched over me and drew me closer to himself. Now that I think about it, my parents’ prayers went a long way. I remember nights when I would wake up to meet my parents tearfully agonizing in prayers concerning us (my siblings and I). This broke my heart and gave me sleepless nights until I finally surrendered to God.

I am blessed to have such wonderful, Godly parents; I do not in any way take that for granted.

I hope you enjoy reading this and I pray it blesses someone.

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