3 easy ways to spice up your relationship with your spouse every day

As we age in marriage and responsibilities increase, it is easy to take the little things for granted that could make a tremendous difference. Very quickly, everything becomes a blur. As your BFF 😉, I share three easy (and free) things you can do daily to spice things up – starting right now.

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A touch or more a day: We are constantly faced with numerous opportunities to make physical contact with our spouses, which we must not miss. A pat on the back or the bum, a tickle here and there, a peck on the cheeks or forehead, a hug, a quick kiss, or a hand squeeze. Do you get the drift? The possibilities are endless.

Use your words: Is there anyone who hates honest compliments? I’m yet to meet such a person 🤔 Remind your spouse how good-looking they are. Tell your spouse one thing you love about them. Hype them when they do something great. Tell them a joke or a funny experience you recall, and make them laugh. Call them sweet names – including the funny ones that would make them laugh.

Quality time: No matter how busy we are, we should always make time for the ones we love. Even if it’s for a few minutes each day, make time for real conversations. You can ask questions like: How was your day? What’s on your mind lately? How are you feeling right now? What are your biggest worries? While they speak, listen intently and give them your undivided attention. Offer to help if it is in your power to do so; if not, you can hold hands and say a quick prayer. It works magic.

And because I’m extra, here’s a bonus top for you:

Do something thoughtful daily. It could be a hidden love note somewhere, a sweet WhatsApp message, breakfast or even plain coffee in bed. (Yeah, asking some people to cook can pose serious hazards 🤪). The list goes on.

I’m sure your creative mind is already cooking up ideas. Now, it’s time to implement!

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  1. Very well written. I’m really enjoying your blogs. Well done Pearl. Keep them coming.


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