5 ways to learn effortlessly on LinkedIn

In an earlier post, I shared tips on making the most of your LinkedIn presence and standing out from the crowd. But, besides networking and growing your personal brand, did you know LinkedIn also provides attractive opportunities for learning and self-development? The best part is that it does not have to feel like a chore; you can integrate these into your daily routine and make it effortless.

Here are five easy ways you can learn on LinkedIn:

Follow LinkedIn creators: They are a growing number of creators on LinkedIn. These creators share valuable posts on various topics you can learn from, depending on your interests. By consistently putting out value-driven posts, these people developed (or see developing) thought leadership in their different spheres of influence. You do not need to connect with them to view their content. By following them, you can also access the valuable content they share. You can find them by searching for them using relevant hashtags. Another way to find them is through your feed – that’s right. When someone in your network engages with a post made by a creator, it pops up in your feed. If their post resonates with you, you can check them out. The odds are that you’d find their other posts engaging and can learn a lot by following them.

Subscribe to LinkedIn Newsletters: These are LinkedIn articles that are regularly published on a particular subject by individuals or groups. Newsletters on LinkedIn are increasingly popular, and many people are jumping on the trend. You could subscribe to these newsletters on topics that interest you. I subscribe to several newsletters, and they are often very informative. They provide regular updates and perspectives on the latest industry trends while presenting the information in a way that is not overwhelming.

Upskill using LinkedIn courses: You can access various relevant courses through the LinkedIn learning platform. Some of these courses are paid courses and might require a premium LinkedIn subscription. On the other hand, a number of the courses are free! You can start with the free courses and upgrade to paid courses as needed. I noticed that if you are consistently learning on LinkedIn, some paid courses might become accessible at no cost for a limited timeframe (24 to 48 hours). I guess this is one way LinkedIn encourages learning. Another way to access courses for free is through your local library.

Attend LinkedIn live sessions and external events: When you follow people of similar interests, you might occasionally find some LinkedIn live sessions or events hosted on other platforms that would be of great value to you. You might also get links to useful events hosted outside of the LinkedIn space that would provide excellent learning experiences.

Grow your LinkedIn network: I almost did not add this last one because it is pretty obvious. You can learn a lot from those you interact with on the LinkedIn platform: whether through inbox messaging, posts, comments, coffee chats/informational interviews, or arranged in-person meetups, the possibilities are endless.

Let me even ask, are you already on LinkedIn? Which of these modes of learning have you been using? Which would you be trying out first? Through what other means are you learning there? Let’s share and grow together😊.

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