10 random (fun) facts about me

Recently, someone asked me to tell her something about myself that she doesn’t know already 😅😅 “That’s the most difficult question to answer,” I thought to myself because, first of all, I don’t know what you already know. Secondly, what you think you know, you might not actually know 😁

The fact is, there are more than a million things about me that I can talk about. Anyways, of the million things, I challenged myself to come up with a list of ten I could share. I hope that this will help you know me a little better (and when next someone asks me that question, I have a ready resource I can direct them to 😜)

Let’s delve right into it:

  • Sometimes, I feel like a scientist trapped in an artist’s body. When I was younger, I was pretty good at the arts. I remember a sculpture I made for one of my art projects in primary school was a decorative piece in my home for several years until it broke. My parents would fondly tell visitors to our home, “do you know Pearl made that piece?”. The visitors were always so intrigued that they would dash me some money 🙈 It was a truly beautiful piece (my cash cow). At another time, my art teacher in the primary school entered me into an art competition. It was a painting competition, and I poured my heart into it. I was so positive I would win the competition, but I never heard from the organizers. It was heartbreaking.

  • You see this entrepreneurship of a thing? I have tried it out. There is literally nothing I have not done under the sun – and I kid you not. From sewing clothes to making hats and millinery pieces, handbags and shoes, beaded jewelry, hand soap and perfumes, cakes, small chops and cocktails, venue and interior decor, and home tutoring, just think of anything and add to the list. If you think I’m joking, check my business page and website.

  • One of my biggest pet peeves is mindless chatting. Come to think of it, how can someone message you a simple “hello” and be waiting for you to respond immediately in this 21st century?? 🙄 I just don’t get it. ‘Na so you get time to waste?’ I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this way. I did stuff like that back in the day. Those times when I’d save my snack money to go to the cyber cafe to buy thirty minutes of browsing time to chat with friends and family, and I wanted to be sure they were online to respond to me before my thirty minutes were over. The saddest thing was if I starved myself of snacks that day and no one was online to respond to my message. In fact, I would often give a heads up that I would reach out at a particular time back then, talk less of now. Here’s what I think: if you have something to say, say it already. I’d respond whenever I can. T for thanks.

  • I love Christmas movies. I watch them all year long. It always brings beautiful memories. I also enjoy rom-com. I am gradually warming up to other movie genres like Sci-Fi and thrillers (thanks to hubby), but series are certainly not my thing. I feel they require an investment of time – one I am unwilling to make.

  • I like giving out cards—hardcopy cards with handwritten notes in them. My husband tells me I’m old-fashioned (people of this generation do not keep cards), and we can all save the planet by sending out e-cards instead. If you ever sent me a card, you better believe I still have it somewhere. Talking about handwriting, my handwriting is so beautiful to the extent that someone started a profitable business selling my old university notes. I’m not sure if the attraction was my handwriting or the contents of the notes, but I’m told my notes are still selling to date.

  • I have always loved writing since I was a child. I wrote anything and everything – stories, letters, daily reflections in my diaries, and the likes. I’d ask my dad for old diaries (those souvenirs he received at the beginning of every year but never used 😅) and pour my heart into them. I also recall writing letters to my family members. Whenever I heard a relative was visiting us or any of my parents were travelling to see a relative, a light bulb will light up in my head. “Say no more!”, I thought and would dash off to grab my pen and paper to write a letter to them. Now that I think of it, I wonder what I wrote in those letters. At some point, I wished I could write for a living, but I imagined that to be a writer, I needed to live a secluded life in a cottage somewhere in the woods. Scratch that; more like in a wooden kiosk in one farmland in my village in Delta State, Nigeria – no thank you!

  • I think I would have ended up as a journalist if I wasn’t a scientist. I enjoyed reading newspapers growing up. Not the news part, though (it was always too boring for me 😂), but other parts – interviews and those other bits on science, food, fashion, relationships and business. I thought it would be fun to do for a living, and when I learnt I had an uncle who was a journalist, I somehow felt he was living the dream life.

  • I am a seasoned child educator. Well, not by formal training but by experience. I started teaching kids aged 4 to 13 Bible studies in my church in January 2013, so I have 10 years under my belt. Somehow, my Sunday school kids just loved me; I’m not sure why, though 🤷‍♀️. Was it my voice? Or the way I told the Bible stories? My personality?? Anytime you saw me in church, there was sure to be a cluster of kids hovering around me.

  • When it comes to storytelling, I think I’m a natural 😉 My siblings used to tease me that I could watch a movie in 1 hour and retell the story in 4 hours 🤣🤣🤣 So you can imagine their disappointment after they finally watched the movie and it wasn’t as interesting as what I narrated to them 🤣🤣🤣 I had spiced up the story so much that my perspective of the movie was more interesting than the original movie.

  • I am a musician. I learnt to sing and play the flute in my church’s music school in my teens. People say I’m a great musician. Maybe they’re right; I can’t exactly say. What I know is that I really enjoy singing. I also love playing my flute whenever I get the time to do so – which is seldomly these days 😅😅

Bonus fact: I have a very girlie nickname. Only my family knows it 😂😂😂, but I think I might have outgrown the name.

Which of these did you know already? Which facts surprised you the most? 😅😅 Let me hear in the comments.

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  1. Didn’t know any of these about you when we served at FUTA

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  2. Absolutely true! You are incredibly multi-talented and God-fearing. Now I know why I’m so comfortable and at home with you and fell in love with you naturally.😊So thankful you’re an AKAZUE! Please, keep sharpening your axe. Our world is your stage. Bravo!

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  3. The journalist and christmas movie part

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  4. Regarding your love for sending cards, I’m kinda like that, but for pen-pal letters. I just love the art of handwriting, something that I too am working on. But to know that your notes are actually selling is a whole other level, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    • That’s so sweet to know 😊 It’s always exciting to meet people who share in our similarities.

      🤣🤣 I know, right? I was amazed when I learnt photocopies of my university notes were being sold.

      Thanks for your kind comment.


  5. I know you’re multi talented. I’m a bit surprised about the art though. The Christmas movies as well.
    On the Love for writing? There will surely be a lot of Books to your name. ……Waiting for a Good read…..



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